Cryptography – Proceed through secured communication

In this modern world, people become more tensed concerning with the feel of security. Many people around the world log on to internet every day and share more information. Here security is the common factor to worry about! Online transaction, e-commerce is some of the main aspects which make people to worry about the security feature. Thus with the technology advancement, each and every moment some amount of data is shared or transferred between users of internet, this results in huge amount of data to be transferred through internet around the world. Data are shared between two parties and so ideally meant to share in the safe and secure path. Thus cryptography can be applied for such secured communication.

Cryptography is a method used from ancient days. It started from the days of world war, where they have to share information with a secret code. The same method is followed when technology development is made. But with the technology development, cryptography is done with a certain algorithm to make strong firewall for information. In this telecommunication field, cryptography is necessary during the process of sharing information of communication through the internet that is shared over the world. When a user sends information, it can be shared with any user when passing through the network. So to hide the information from sharing with the third party, Cryptography is used. This makes sure of safe and secure information sharing between users to communicate. There are some basic security techniques to be followed between sender and receiver.

  • Authentication – This means to find the identity of the user. According to the survey, most of the current techniques of host to host authentication through internet are shared through location-based and domain based. Though these type of sharing is not secured according to security point of view.
  • Confidentiality – The information shared between sender and receiver should not be shared between any third users. Thus information should not be leaked with another intermediate user.
  • Integrity – It should be guaranteed that the information sent from the sender is not hacked in between the network. The receiver should receive the information in the same format how sender has sent.
  • Denial of information – The ownership of information has to be checked with its source id before receiving.

Thus cryptography is an art of proving secured information. This deals with the method of securing digital data with cryptography primitives. Thus the form of encrypting is said to be cryptosystem and the ways of decrypting information is said to be cryptanalysis.


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