The notorious Amazon AWS marketplace review

Amazon AWS marketplace is one of the most complicated and large IT marketplaces in the world. They offer anything any company would need for their server and application needs.

Amazon AWS Marketplace Positives

While the idea is great, it is not a marketplace like you would think, at least not. To date, Amazon is the only company that has come out with this type of marketplace.

Business owners who are looking to expand to the cloud, and expand their presence in the cloud can definitely benefit from the new online marketplace. It allows for preconfigured settings in shopping carts and allows them to add more technical services.

Amazon has made it a lot easier to find their AMIs by the specification. The marketplace is easy to search and once you are a member, it is easy to get started immediately. The billing process is easy to understand and customers pay through Amazon like they would with any other service provided by the company.

Small business owners will now be able to offer services and products from major companies like 10gen and Microsoft.

Amazon AWS Marketplace Isn’t That Impressive

While it isn’t very impressive yet, Amazon could have some surprises in store for us when they start receiving user feedback and see reviews of their product online. Honestly, launching any program that contains an online marketplace is a big step for Amazon. We haven’t seen anything like it from their competitors.

It could be the fact that it is a new interface, and it may be because they haven’t included everything they wanted to include. The marketplace really isn’t all that impressive. The virtual appliances are not anything we haven’t seen before and there isn’t much room for user configuration.

The Greatest Benefit

The best benefit from the new marketplace is that it can easily be combined with the billing you already get from Amazon services. It allows them to work with major companies and get their hands on newer products a lot easier than they could have before.

Throughout all of the speculation of what everyone thinks will happen with the Amazon AWS marketplace, there are a lot of positives that can be found. Like any new program that becomes available, it starts off small and develops through user feedback and the needs of customers.

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